Wednesday, February 08, 2012

More Paris Paintings

New larger sizes!

Rue de l'Universite, 8"x10", oil on linen, sold

Pont Neuf at Dusk, 8"x10", oil on linen, available

Pont du Carrousel, 11"x14", oil on linen, available

Cathedrale Notre Dame, 11"x14", oil on linen, sold

Pont Saint-Louis, 5"x7", oil on linen, sold

Pont Neuf, 5"x7", oil on linen, sold

Saint Severin, 5"x7", oil on linen, sold


Jared Stein said...


Anonymous said...

Great stuff, Paul!~

Brings back memories of staying in a little hotel next to the pungent cheese shop on Rue Cler. I envy you guys!

Paul Ferney said...

Thanks Jared

Paul Ferney said...

Thanks Terry. Yeah isn't Rue Cler awesome! When I'm back in CA I'd like to take some of your classes...

Christian said...

Beautiful. Love the way you paint skies. These look great. Love the first one with the tower in the background

ranzu alam said...

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